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Rz Shahid

I go by the name Rz Shahid I’m originally from/was born in the Minneapolis/St. Louis Park area. I’ve lived in at least 10 different cities. Growing up I have  always had big dreams. I  started out wanting to be a doctor,  Then a pro skateboarder, then a professional bowler, then a dancer, an actor, etc. right before I got into music my original plan was to go to IPR or Mcnally Smith College for Audio engineering and to become a producer. I always enjoyed writing but used to be very shy and had bad stage fright so it never occurred to me that I would become a rapper.  I decided to become a rapper because I wanted to tell my own story vs writing for other people to tell the story for me. Recorded my first song with an old friend in a closet, and then at SES and got a bunch of love. After that experience  and being in the studio I thought to myself, “yeah I gotta make my own music” so I found a studio on google and recorded my first few tracks and  went from there. What really turned music into a passion for me:

1. The feeling I got the moment I stepped into a studio or began recording,  I could be in the worst mood like my fish could have died that day or something bad could have happened but the moment I stepped into the studio I felt great.

2. The feedback I would get from my fan base, they would tell me how they would rock with me or I have had some of them inform me that they cried to my music because it was real to them.  I made it come alive and they felt my pain as well as theirs. This was astonishing to me! I thought to myself I can and I am making a difference in people's lives with my music. 

3. Being on stage performing and having people/fans sing my hook back or come up to me after my set, seeing my lyrics in a couple home girls captions and people like singing my lyrics whenever they saw me,  it was dope. 

I began writing to cope with depression/life problems, It was a way for me to express how I felt especially since I tend to stay low key. I want to let my music speak for me. 

My ultimate goal when it comes to music is to be a voice to help people dealing with the same issues know they’re not alone and that they can have that tune to cope, and to use my voice to speak out on my reality and use my voice for good and of course give back to those who always held me down. It's just a good feeling to know that there are people and fans out there that just like to vibe to my music.

 I'm also big into fashion, dancing, acting, modeling, photography, and anything to do with art interests me. 

Received a few write ups from Go MN for conscious & being a top 5 artist to watch out for.

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